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The Secret?
So I have been told by many people about "The Secret" and how I simply must read it or watch it....Lesley gave my the dvd and book a month or so a go and I never got roun to it.
SO this morning I watched it...WOWSERS!! Very inspiring yet so simple!! Be postitve, focus, think about what you DO want and dont waste time thinking about what you DONT want....stay positive and focus, focus on what you already have, focus hard, and .....stay positive!!

I particulalry liked the cosmic ordering side of it, I shall certainly be creating a visualisation board or a dream board.....

I guess its all too easy in life to say what we are fed up of, what we dont want, but how often o we really positively say " I want XYZ" its all just a thought process I guess.

As somone who is not remotely religious....(come on as if all that really happened!!) I find it comforting to have something to believe in....my philosophy tutor at college (yes I really did study that!) once said to me
"Lee its fine to not believe in religion, very bold of you, but everyone needs a belief of some sort its what keeps the world ticking perhaps you need to find your own beliefs in life to enrich yourself"

My answer "Ray...I do have a belief...I firmly believe in angels and fairies...." !!!!

I bet you can imagine his face.....I have to say tho, I stand by that, I DO believe in angels an fairies...!!!