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(no subject)
Well here I am!! Hello *waves* I find it facinating in life how when you scratch beneith the surface of the people you know in life everyone as a story to tell.....sometimes these can be pretty boring and dull but it always amazes me how many depths to a person there are..... I am no different myself....on the surface of things, if you were to meet me (or indeed if you are reading this and you know me) you would see me probably as a bit of a joker, outgoing, confident perhaps...Im the type that cant be quiet if I try, I speak first and think later (sometimes its funny but sometimes its really not!!) I dont do this on purpose its just the way I am, I call a spade a spade I am not one for holding back I speak my mind, I change my hair colour monthly sometimes weekly, I wont leave the house without make up, I am a proud lady I dont like to ask for help....unless my car needs something doing to it, screen wash etc!! I am opinionated, I am stubborn, I am simple not simple thick but simple as in straight forward (although I am not straight can you be gay forward....hmmmm no that woulnt have the same ring to it would it?!) I am not an intellectual, I used to feel ashamed of that, but I dont anymore, while I may not be an intellectual or hold a degree I am ambitious and determind, I am passionate.....*sighs* I could be here all frickin day but the long and short of it is the person you percieve me as, whether you know me or not, would be a mixture of the above. However scratch beneith the surface of me and there is a whole lot more.....sometimes my head gets so full of words, questions, memories, scenarios, more words and questions, flashbacks (mainly shit ones but there you go, gotta take the rough with the smooth!!) I have decided to write all these words down in the form of a journal....well type them jesus if I wrote them you woulnt be able to read half of it!! I do honestly feel sometimes that my head needs emptying of these thoughts, words etc sometimes I am getting on with daily life but inside my head I am having tourettes (its kinda funny) my cheeks hurt its like I just need to get all the words out....so here we are my very own space to have life memory tourettes!