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10 years on.....
This time 10 years ago my baby girl was 1 day, and 4 hours old, all 8lbs 1oz of her was completely beautiful, she was snuffley and crinkley and I felt so much love for her I couldnt believe it....

As for me, I was 21 and physically I had only been up and walking for 3 hours (I remember it so well! OUCH!!) I was equally full of sadness as the birth of Chloe was an aspect my then gf couldnt deal with, she never wanted children at all and couldnt cope with the knowledge of the attack in which had left me pregnant.She was there at the birth, as she always promised,it was an emotional time all round. So 21, heartbroken single mum, with no job and a £55k mortgage to pay for....I was so worried for me and Chloes fututre....

Now that brings me onto the changes, in 1999 you could get a 3 bed detatched in York for £60k!! There were no ipods, I wasnt computer literate, I didnt have the net at home and as a matter of fact I dont think I really knew what the net was!! I didnt have a mobile phone and dark green kitchen accessories were the "thing" as was MDF, teracotta paint and home DIY!! This was the year that "livin la vida loca" was in the charts!! Yikes!!

10 Years on, Chloe is still just as gorgeous, when she passed her ballet and tap exams with distiction I cried with pride, she is amazing such a clever, talented yet down to earth little girl. I am so proud to be her Mum.

I couldnt even begin to write how much change in those 10 years for me, I would be here all day! Cherish every second of life, spend every minute you can with your kids, my god they grow up so fast. Sometimes we get caught up in what I refer to as the "bullsh*^%y bits of life and loose track of the things that matter. Take stock of how far you have come in life and what is really important to you, and just love life xxxx

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hey lady. I look forward to reading :o)

Click the link that is my name and when that page comes up, there is a row of a few pictures. click the head with the plus, and it should add me back :)


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